Privacy Shields for Testing - Study Carrels-NHD Exhibit Boards

CALL TO ORDER (770) 345-0031


CALL TO ORDER (770) 345-0031

E.R. Russ, Inc. manufactures and distributes quality National History Day (NHD) Exhibit Boards, Privacy Shields for Testing, Portable Voting Booths, Study Carrels and other products intended for schools, universities, libraries and other academic institutions.

Our products are developed according to the changing needs of our students and teachers. Each product is designed for maximum efficiency to include space considerations and the usage of computers and other materials for testing and studying.

Our exhibit boards, privacy shields and study carrels meet most school board requirements for size. They are packaged and shipped, directly to our customers. We prefer purchase orders prior to shipping but are able to accommodate credit card purchases.

E.R Russ has designed an exhibit board specifically for National History Day (NHD) that meets all size requirements. Each Exhibit Board is made of heavy-duty white corrugated cardboard and cut to fit the National History Day rules specifications of 72 inches in height and 40 inches in width.

Computer Based Training (CBT) is becoming increasing popular in schools and universities with their increased access to technology. The key is to ensure that students have a private area free of distractions while they complete their work. Many years ago E.R. Russ, Inc. developed a product trademarked as the "Study Cubby." We have just recently upgraded this product to the Study Carrel. This product is of sufficient size to easily accommodate a student's laptop or other materials. Ideal for testing, home study, individual classroom work and Computer Based Training (CBT).

E.R. Russ, Inc. produces a Privacy Shield for Testing designed to ensure a student has sufficient structure of the right height and width to accommodate a personal computer equipped with a flat screen. This visual blind can help ensure that the student can maintain their focus during the testing process. The use of privacy shields affords maximum use of the testing area by allowing students to sit closer together.

E.R. Russ is the first name in Privacy Shields and Study Carrels for quality and versatility. Three ways to order: Use the shopping cart on this site,  call us at 770-345-0031, or Print our order form and email or fax it to us.